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Cut first few branches of your hydrangea off, So just below the eye, an eye that over time will grow a new leaf. cut the tree into pieces, cut each time under one eye, the branch must be at least 10 to 15 cm, remove all leaves except the top, cut 2 sheets in half. stitch with one stick or bamboo stick, 1 Dippe slot in the ground. and puts the hydrangea cuttings in. you can advance, also the bottom where the eye is, stabbing in rooting powder. and then put into the ground, so that the cutting shoots faster roots. but without rooting powder it succeeds. and over time, you can see for itself that catches on the site, because new blades appear to. if the site is significantlygrown, you can dig him out, and transplanting with soil, or as a gift give away.

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