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In September, you can still take cuttings. How to proceed: Prune lavender top shoots of the plant with a sharp knife or secateurs. This must be so 'n 10 cm tall (at least 5 cm). If there are flowers to sit need to be flipped. Take preferably not flowering cuttings. Remove the bottom of the stem, the leaves away. Dip the cuttings possibly in rooting powder. Fill jars or containers with cutting soil and make a leg stick a hole in the earth where the site is. Press well and moisten the soil well. Cover the trays with plastic wrap or put them in a large plastic bag. the rooting of cuttings takes a few months. Normally the cuttings have rooted before winter. Put in any case the cuttings to a frost-free and shaded area. When the cuttings have rooted you can get them repotting. If necessary wait until March-April to do this. Always the cuttings frost-free in may you can put the young plants in the ground the same way you can plant cuttings following:.. Rosemary, Sage, Choisya ternata, Hebe, Calluna vulgaris.

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