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Do you have blisters on your feet? Wash them every day with soap. In the morning and evening (and if you can still find in the afternoon). Do not forget to put on socks! Keep your socks and slippers. You wait a week or two patient and the blisters are gone! You should also rest well and not too many steps ... Otherwise, the blisters can be even worse! The blisters occur because you are walking without socks!

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Spray your your feet completely with deodorant before walking, this helps against blisters.

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Good rub with udder ointment. Dressing or plaster on it and the pain goes away.

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Have you beaten your thumb with the hammer, move this thumb through your hair and there will be no blister or sore on.

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If you know you have a lot going hiking and quickly get blisters, you need one or two weeks in advance to start 2 times daily to rub your feet with camphor (officially against muscle pain), this is to get at the drugstore, and ensures you get more calluses on your feet and therefore no blisters. Make sure of course that your socks and shoes dry. And preferably wear seamless socks. It has always helped me.

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