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When coughing 1 tablespoon salad oil.
And, the cough will be less.

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Make your own cough syrup by one rod laurel, 10 blocks anise, 1 tbsp. honey and a handful of candy in 1L of boiling water to dissolve. (at least 20 min. boil) Let cool and pour into a bottle.

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If you have dry cough, sugar helps indeed, I really suffered today, and I tried, resulting in: Less tickling cough! Super

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200 ml boiling water, dissolve it in 3 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons sugar. It's sweet, but helps good. However, let it cool before you drink it, each time a little bit.

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Dry cough: Previously when I was little my mother always did a good wet wrung large handkerchief (fastened with safety pin) my neck. This helped very good against sore throat and coughing was less. The higher I got, the greater was the cloth.

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If you suffer from a dry cough, a few spoonfuls of syrup in a household cup and a half tbsp. black pepper, stir well and make a big teaspoon take, really helps.

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If you at night are of tickling cough burden put a cut onion next to your bed.

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Burden of tedious hard and tickling cough? Buy some dried thyme, put about two tablespoons in a large mug and pour boiling water over there. about 20 minutes infuse.. Or cover the mug by means e.g. a saucer, otherwise the water cools down too quickly. Then add a lot of honey and occasionally taking a sip. Helps fine against that nasty itch and your cough will soon loosen.

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Put brown sugar in a saucepan and fill with water to e cm above the brown sugar, throw a few drops of anise or anise cube and bring to the boil, stirring until it creates a viscous mass. Allow to cool and your cough syrup is ready. After a few days you will already cough up the mucus.

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