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In case of earache you can blow cigarette smoke into the ear, making the pain decline faster.

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Not all earache can be solved through the ear. Often earache by pressure from the sinuses. these are then packed and put your eardrum from inside under pressure. Your ears are clean, but you still have pain. Saltwater snorkeling or homeopathic spray work great!

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Ivy Leaf stick behind the ear with a bandage. Repeat this 3 times after the drying out of the blade over hereinafter.

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Olive oil to warm to skin temperature, in a glass that you hold in a bowl of hot water. Of these, a few drops in the ear, allow 5 minutes "pockets" and then a cotton ball in it.

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Heat a cloth filled with salt and place it on the painful ear. Within half an hour the pain disappears and the "mess" is running from the ear.

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By earache milk to body temperature a few drops in the ear helps doing great. You can also store breast milk in the freezer for no longer than three months.

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Earache, especially in small children very annoying.1 drop of lavender essential oil in the ear. My daughter screamed in pain, and lavender in it within five minutes. The ear pain was gone. At the first pain already doing and it does not come up again. Lavender has anti-inflammatory.

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As a child I had been here a lot of trouble, especially at night. My mother then took a swab with oil (baby oil, salad oil or the like) in my ear. The pain went away and I could then quietly sleep.

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Problem of folded ear and is not open to by "clearing", listen to loud music through headphones and try to get a few minutes then another by pinching your nose and build pressure, bet it now opens

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By earache can one garlic clove do in your ear, due to the strong odor and juice the pain goes away.

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