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The following natural products are good for hair loss: -Nettles (Might sound painful, but if you cook nettle roots and water to cool down a bit and this wash your hair, prevents hair loss, you get full, healthy and shiny hair! olduse in Bosnia and Herzegovina! Works for ages well! Also, helps a blend of egg yolk with walnut oil and AD 3 drops (drops used for babies to have become bones stronger) it all mixes together and just rub your hair roots also helps very well, but rub each time before you want to wash your hair and in this work an hour, then you might just as you usually helps her wash very well !!! also do a fix henna on your hair, henna is very good for your hair, there is a low about your hair over which it is protected and thickens, henna can repeatedly repeat it is a natural product and you will also get thicker and shinier hair, but when you want to use henna you can first go to someone better go to here wit to have regard to the different colors of henna and what is best for you. Success people !!!

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