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Drink plenty of water and / or green tea. Eat plenty of fiber, coarse bread, lots of fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grain products. NO pork and sugars. Just persevere.

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If every day for 15 minutes you can laugh you loose 6 kilos per month! For me it succeeded ... Remember, do not eat sweets or not to eat unhealthy things!

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Eat two servings of fruit a day, three ounces of vegetables, drink two liters of water, take healthy fats such as butter or oil, take 2 times a day, a milk product, Move a half hour, but the main thing is do not eat a balanced diet every day the same.

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All that is useful,is to change your lifestyle. I've since last Monday 7 Jan. I drink more water and less soda. I also note toppings on bread and I eat less sweets and cakes and sweets. I also do not eat after 8 pm. I lost weight in one week, 1.4 kilograms.

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Drink every morning to slim down a glass of boiled water with lemon juice and a little salt on an empty stomach.

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Slimming: shrinking the stomach in the morning with a few slices of bread with mustard.

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Want healthy slimming and feeling fit, eat 'morning a healthy breakfast with bread, milk or tea, and some fruit. The hunger remains a little longer away. At noon, good food just, not short yourself! Be the hot times "noon or" evening meal. not much a fatty snack or other unhealthy food! What more potatoes or vegetables! Take as snacks as it has fruit or low-fat yogurt! Drink plenty of water or tea with little or no sugar! also try to move more like after dinner stroll, or even bicycles. try one weekly swim tasty, or fitness. or something like that where you find yourself comfortable with! and after 8 hours' evening nix more food, if it has fat yogurt or fruit, tasty glass of fresh juice, not soft drinks with excess sugar! Sugar-free soda does not exist! So just jus d 'orange juice, apple juice or something! Hope it works for you TOO! I am gradually 10 kilos. Without yo-yo effect! And one tip: do not be mad if you want to know your weight, then 1 ONCE a week on the scales!

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Try healthy eating lots of vegetables and fruits. If you for example have to 11am break, take 1 orange or a large apple. And if you have one hour break you can your sandwiches on food. 3 hour weather break? take one glass of water and another big apple. take instead of regular cheese 20+ cheese half and half chopped? Please lean ground beef. Success!

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Eat for breakfast in the morning a piece of fruit and yogurt. Eat for lunch 3 or 4 sandwiches with healthy tastefully siege. Eat every night just 1 plate of food. As a snack you can eat fruit and crackers. Do not eat before you go to sleep. Drink plenty of water and tea (tea contains no calories). Search the Internet for healthy snacks that you can make yourself, like a salad. Run every day.

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