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Are You Suffering From Nerve / Nervousness? Stand quietly, knees not locked and do stand loosely with your arms at your sides quietly. Now take a normal breath, as deep as possible. Keep it at the highest point in a few seconds and then breathe calmly as far as it again. Then go back in and then out again. As far as possible, and in each case a few sec. hold. Do this approximately 7/8 times in a child about five times. And you are back completely quiet! If you feel the nerves going to rise again then stand quietly, arms along the body, knees not locked etc. This tip I got from someone who gives me singing for the musical end of gr. 8 and I have to sing solo. Also claims to be a conductor of such a choir that the real singers do it, because otherwise you can barely sing for so many audiences. Are you still not quiet enough repeat the breathing exercises (and think of nice things, not on what some of your worry!).

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