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Give the dog two times a day a tablet brewer's yeast or garlic, and the fleas are gone.

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Put the evening a deep dish of water in there with a little detergent. Put burning floating candles in. fleas come in the dark to the light, by the detergent they can not jump anymore away and drown.

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If you do not want a flea medicine you can put the cat or dog also in the water. keep head above water. Over time, you see the fleas crawling to the head. Then, briefly drowning the head .De fleas. At my young kittens (which I therefore prefer to give no chemical stuff) this works perfect.Pay atention! Eggs are not destroyed, so if you really bothering you, I would just use a good flea medicine.

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It smells a bit but wet straw horses absolutely helps fleas. Ask an equestrian center near you or you can take some straw horse (manure) and rub your dog / cat came around. Or whether you dog allowed an hour in an empty horse barn. A horse is the only furry animal that gets no fleas through the urine that it excretes.

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When 10 cm. flea collar does in the bag, these fleas have no chance after vacuuming the carpet. Still remains new flea collar airtight stored in a sturdy plastic bag, the next time you need it.

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